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Iran Animation announced its new website


Iran Energy Club: Iran Animation new website specialized on producing industrial animations started its activities. Iran Energy Club (IEC) Reporting, the decision for setting up a new website of Apex animation group working as IEC’s animation sector was taken in line with international oil, gas and petrochemical companies’ demands.

In this regard, Mohammad Sadegh Amini, founder and managing director of IEC projects said: since the beginning of Iran Animation group’s professional activities, they were considering to enter international markets, especially in the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf areas. After successfully finalization of its first animation project for Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC), this group became interested to enter international markets and exhibitions in Iran’s neighbor countries along with developing its business inside Iran.

He continues: during the last three years Iran Animation initial website was only in Persian. However, the advancement and the great quality and accuracy of their animations that gained a lot of fortunes by great international oil companies, motivated us to add English and Arabic versions to the new website which is designed by Iran Petrographic Group. It will help Iran Animation Group to present its great abilities and achievements.

Founder and manager of IEC projects stated: international oil companies working on Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf area were using American and European animation teams to fulfill their needs since they could not find a good animation group in this area and accordingly this imposed a great cost for them. However at the moment they know Iran Animation from international exhibitions and virtual environments and therefore we have a lot of orders from different places in the world because of the great quality of products together with its considerable cost efficiency.

At the end, Amini invited everyone in this industry to visit Iran Animation new website. He added: meanwhile opening the new website, a major group of Iranian and international oil and energy companies were informed by email, many of them visited the website already and impressed by its quality and availability of every information and consequently stated their interest in working with Apex for their next animation projects in future.

It should be noted that Iran animation group has successfully covered the entire cycle of offshore oil production in Iran with its professional and high quality animations. It is the first Iranian animation group that has succeeded to produce 30 minutes of industrial animation for great international companies.

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